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How to Clean Kitchen Backsplashes Made From Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is made by thinly coating steel with zinc oxide. The zinc oxide coating protects the steel from oxidation, corrosion, and other damage. This is the main reason why so many structures today are made using galvanized steel.

Kitchen backsplash designs made of galvanized steel are quite popular, especially in kitchens that have a modern theme. It is not very difficult to clean kitchen backsplashes made from galvanized steel. Here are a few easy methods for cleaning kitchen backsplash designs made from galvanized steel:

  • Take a gallon of hot water and mix dish soap in it. Scrub the metal surface using a soft bristled brush. You must scrub with firm, circular strokes. When done, use hot water to rinse out the dirt and soap. Finally, wipe using a clean and dry cloth. Apply a light coat of metal polish or wax to the clean, dry surface. This helps protect the metallic finish. Now take another cloth to polish the galvanized steel to give it a nice sheen.
  • If there are hard water stains on the backsplash, make a solution using equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water.
  • If there are alkaline deposits on the galvanized steel backsplash, mix 1 part baby powder with 2 parts milk. Apply this solution to the metal surface with the help of a toothbrush. The basic pH of this solution helps in neutralizing the alkaline deposits, making it easier to get rid of them. Rinse and then dry the backsplash to finish the job.
  • Use a calcium, lime, and rust remover for tough dirt or stains. However, this cleaner is abrasive in nature, and you should not use it regularly. Take care to rinse it off thoroughly after the cleaning job is complete.

    Keep your galvanized steel kitchen backsplash designs looking as good as new with these easy tips.


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