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Oak Pantry Cabinet Refurbishing

You can refurbish your oak pantry cabinet with less time, effort, and money, if the general condition of your existing cabinet is still good. Take some pictures of your current cabinets because you will need it to help you to find matching stain when you go to the local hardware store. You will also be able to compare the before-and-after results of your pantry cabinet. Years of grease and oils can be hard on any kitchen environment. Deep clean your pantry doors first so that when you apply the new stain because the finished look will be more attractive. If it needs much more than just deep cleaning, the next thing you can do is remove the existing finish with a restoration product or stripper. Sanding the wood using a finer grit will get you to the point where you can apply the new paint or stain. Use polyurethane coat to protect the finish. You'll need grain filler because the oak wood has a grain composite that is open. The grain filler will help to smooth any imperfections that may exist due to the open grain composite, and it will give the oak cabinet a nicer finish.

After you have cleaned, stripped, and done the sanding for the refurbished pantry cabinet, it's time to select your stain. One thing to consider when making choosing is the decor of your kitchen, such as any painting done, flooring put in place, and/or windows installed. This is the perfect time to combine your entire kitchen design into your refurbishing project to make all the elements of your kitchen fit together.


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