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Traditional Design Kitchen Cabinet Styles

When deciding which style to remodel your kitchen in, you have many options, but they all fall into two basic categories, traditional and contemporary. Since many older homes are being restored, the traditional styles have become very popular. Let's look at the characteristics of a few of the more popular ones.

Old-World style kitchen cabinets

There are several different themes that fall under the Old World style including Mediterranean, Medieval, Italian, and French style cottage. Cabinets for this style are designed to reflect the features of the room which includes natural materials, stone floors, and large countertops usually made of some type of stone as well. The cabinets have simple lines, but most have heavy, ornate decorations at the top. The configuration of kitchen cabinets for most Old World styles appears to be mismatched.

Country style kitchen cabinets

Cabinets in a country style kitchen are usually painted rather than stained, using muted, natural colors like sage or a deep red. Often, the finish will be distressed for an aged look. The front of the cabinets, if there is one, is usually made of glass. Country kitchens exude a warm, cozy feel, and bring to mind large family gatherings. The cabinets you choose should reflect this charm.

French Provencal style kitchen cabinets

French Provencal kitchens fall under the Old World category, but deserve their own mention because of some key differences. While French Provencal style, like Old World, includes natural materials and trims on cabinets, the feel is much lighter than many other Old World styles. The cabinets are usually stained with a soft color or painted using soft grays or browns. They also can have glass fronts, like country cabinets, which makes sense, because Provencal means country, so technically, the style is French country.

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