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Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinets

When deciding where to buy kitchen cabinets for your home, you have basically two choices-online or at a local home improvement store or kitchen design center. This article will go over a few advantages and disadvantages to both options, and maybe get you on your way to making a choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying kitchen cabinets online

Online kitchen cabinet companies are wonderful! Where else can you, without leaving home, design, order and pay for a brand new look for your kitchen? Another advantage of this option is the amount of available choices. Because the internet is global, you have access to companies from all over the world, increasing the chance that you will find a competitive price. You also have the ability to order directly from manufacturers; this may raise the price, but you may get a higher quality product.

One disadvantage of buying from an online company, especially a cabinet distributor, is that these places may not have direct access to the manufacturer, which could make customer service an issue. Things like products with manufacturing defects are generally harder to return to these companies. To avoid this, you should carefully research any online company you are considering. Check for consumer complaints with the Better Business Bureau and consumer report sites. The other obvious disadvantage of buying online is that you don't see the product in person before you receive it. Many of the more reputable companies will sell you a sample for a very low cost to combat this problem. The small price you pay for the sample beats the huge price of trying to ship back twenty kitchen cabinets back because they're the wrong color.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying kitchen cabinets locally

The biggest advantage of buying kitchen cabinets locally is that you get the opportunity to see them before you buy them. It is easier to match them to other cabinets or the trim or woodwork in your kitchen. There are no shipping costs, either, which, depending on the amount and size of the order, can be hundreds of dollars. Also, many local home improvement stores and kitchen design centers offer installation services, sometimes at a discount with purchase. The biggest disadvantage of buying locally is the lack of choice. Home improvement stores usually have a more limited selection than online stores. Although kitchen design centers offer a larger selection of choice, that variety comes with a price.

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