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Configuration: Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Whether remodeling your existing kitchen or designing something new for a new home or addition, you have many, many options in how you configure the kitchen. There are five basic kitchen configuration styles; galley or corridor style, L-shaped, and G-shaped, U-shaped or one-wall. The configuration of your kitchen cabinets will depend on the shape of your kitchen. Below are listed some ideas on cabinet configuration for different kitchen shapes.

Kitchen cabinet configuration ideas; L-shaped, U-shaped and G-shaped layouts

If you have chosen the L, U, or G-shaped kitchen layout, an idea for kitchen cabinet configuration is to put a lazy Susan in one of the right angles under the counter. The lazy Susan makes good use of space that may be wasted otherwise. Installing it on the lower level eliminates having to reach for spices, oil, etc. Depending on the number of shelves the cabinet has, it is also a good place for storing pots and pans.

An idea for a double-L shaped kitchen (like the L-shaped, but with a peninsula extending to the middle of the kitchen) is to install cabinets under the peninsula for extra storage. Often, the base is a solid piece, but this idea turns that wasted space into something useable.

One more idea for kitchen cabinets in one of these angular layouts is to install one above the sink. Many kitchens have a window above the sink, and in that case, this may not work. If your sink does not have a window above it, a cabinet makes perfect sense. The wall space above the sink is a great space for things like Tupperware, or even cleaning supplies that you need to keep out of reach. Another good thing about having a cabinet above the sink is that you can install a light underneath, and who couldn't use a little extra light?

Kitchen cabinet configuration ideas; galley or one wall layouts

If your kitchen is a galley or corridor style, with the stove is on one side of the kitchen and the sink and fridge on the other, there are several ways you could configure your cabinets. One idea is to install cabinets on the majority of one wall, top to bottom, for a pantry. The height makes it less necessary for it to be as wide as an average kitchen cabinet, but doesn't sacrifice storage. With the one-wall style, an idea is to install cabinets above the appliances and on a wall directly connected to it. If there isn't enough wall space, try to use the wall opposite the appliances. This style of kitchen is often in a smaller home, so try to utilize any wall space you have for extra storage.

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