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Why Painting Kitchen Cabinets Becomes Necessary

Your 13-year old son, a newspaper boy, always heads for the pantry with inky fingers. Your boiling cauldrons of pasta and stew make give the kitchen tropical humidity. The self-cleaning oven cycle whisks you to the Sahara. Your husband loves the indoor grill but ignores the spattered grease. Even you open doors and drawers with food gook from cooking on your hands. Remember the broiled chicken that set off the smoke alarm? No wonder your kitchen cabinets look grungy and dull - they take the flak from all of this.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great way to revive or restore their sheen and luster, and you can redecorate in the process. You may have priced out refacing or replacing your cabinets and it's not in your budget. But paint and elbow grease cost hundreds or thousands less. With all of these things in mind, painting your kitchen cabinets is the logical solution to giving your kitchen a facelift. Painting is doable even if cabinets are varnished or stained. If they were originally painted, decide if you want them the same color or you want to change. Cases can be a different color from the doors and drawers - options are endless.

Start by removing doors, drawers and hardware. Before painting, you need to thoroughly clean the cabinets. Get the grime off with a mixture of liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water applied with a sponge or soft plastic pad. Hit remaining grime by spraying on straight vinegar and scrubbing lightly. Nothing should feel sticky. Other steps may involve filling scratches and cracks, sanding all cabinet surfaces, applying primer, and then using two or three coats of paint. If need be, set aside a weekend for each step. Join the ranks of other homeowners who've mastered the skills and rewards of painting kitchen cabinets!


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