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How To Install Kitchen Cabinets Inexpensively

With readymade cabinets widely available in home improvement stores, it is easy to learn how to install kitchen cabinets. Cabinet installation can evolve into a huge project if you don't have a helping hand or the proper instructions.

The following tips will help you learn how to install kitchen cabinets inexpensively and accurately. First, budget the project to make sure that you can afford to replace the kitchen cabinets. Measure the space that you want to use before going to your local hardware store for materials, cabinets, and tools. There are unfinished kitchen cabinets that you can purchase at the home improvement store and finish with your own varnish, stain or paint. After you have completed the design and purchase process, you're ready to install the cabinets. Enlist the help of a friend or family member to help you raise the cabinets up on the wall. Your upper cabinets may take more effort to install than the lower cabinets will. Start with the lower cabinet first if you have no one to help you.

Before you begin installation, use a line level to line up the cabinets so they are not askew. You also have to make a mark on the exact place on the wall that you will put the cabinet. A stud finder can help you locate a structurally sound point of attachment. Before raising the cabinet, be sure to remove the doors, shelves and hardware so that you can lighten the weight. Proceed swiftly and with confidence, taking care not to get hurt in the process. Use screws to attach the cabinet box to the wall, and connect the cabinets through a drilled holed through the edge of the face frame.


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