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Methods for Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets

It is obvious to every homeowner that a kitchen cabinet is a surface that carries dust, oil, grease, grime and food particles or spills. Children with dirty hands will open the cabinets without the thought that someone has to clean it off. The grease from cooking everyday builds up to form grime that is sometimes hard to remove. Routine cleaning of wood kitchen cabinets is recommended if you want to keep the your kitchen bright and lustrous. Mild detergent and warm water is the mixture of choice that many homeowners use when they have to deal with grime and grease build up.

Cleaning wood kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen look beautiful when you entertain guests. The easiest cleaning method is to use dishwashing liquid soap along with warm water. Make the strength two parts warm water to one part detergent. Mix the solution well before spraying it on. Let it sit a few minutes and then use a clean sponge or micro fiber rag to gently scrub in the direction of the wood grain. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. If the grease is hard to remove, consider using mild vinegar and warm water 50-50, or even straight vinegar, near hardware or pulls, as these areas are most affected by dirt. Cleaning wood kitchen cabinets and the hardware with a mixture of baking soda and water will help to remove the sticky buildup.

Don't use any type of abrasive or harsh chemical solutions. This will only mar or remove the protective finish on your wood kitchen cabinets and leave them in worse condition than you first started with. An all-purpose cleaner is also helpful in getting the grease off, if it specifically says it's suitable for wood. Maintain the beauty of your kitchen by cleaning your wood kitchen cabinets at least once a month.


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